GEFI performs declarative and tax work on behalf of the Owner Owners

  • Registration with the Tax Services of the competent companies as well as with the registries.
  • VAT Option Deposit.
  • VAT credit refund request.
  • We offer the ability to make multiple requests based on your cash requirements.
  • Quarterly and annual VAT returns.
  • Answer the administration's questions about the rented property.
  • Help, where appropriate, to better inform promoters' sales teams and attend training meetings.

Who are we?

GEFI is a company specializing in the tax management of Non-Professional Furnished Renters and Naked Lessors, whether or not they are subject to VAT.

GEFI supports thousands of individuals (over 15,000) in the preparation of tax declarations concerning Industrial and Commercial Profits, Land Revenue and VAT since 1980.

GEFI provides a service whose quality and rigor is demonstrated by the constant growth and loyalty of its customers.